For many years, my work involved direct contact with highly substances. I had to reconsider my work and reduced my process to simpler materials. 
Using charcoal and pigments as a medium I’m able to express loss, fear and decay. Resembling ash, it is a constant reminder of the fragility of life. It is primal, immediate and unstable. I use paper as a drawing surface because it is delicate and unforgiving. The gesture of rubbing charcoal on paper, using the pressure of my fingers and skin to control the tonal movement is for me an intimacy between my body, paper and the medium. These materials mirror my current experience. This work speaks to the betrayal of the body and living with uncertainty. Fast repetitive strokes resembling scars, fragmented abstract body parts, cellular destruction, vacancy and loss are all themes I explore.
These drawings are not preconceived but something emerges from a reflection earlier in the day. Evident in the drawings is my reaction to sudden life changes, transformation, continual reevaluation and a renewed connection to the natural world. 


Drawings Statement